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We help companies use deep learning to improve their products. We do this through a mix of on-site engineering support, training, and custom software development. We are proponents of python based frameworks like theano and keras.

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How We Work

We started Ersatz Labs back in 2013 because it was clear to us that deep learning would become an increasingly important technology and companies would need help figuring out how to use it in practice. Three years later, deep learning has continued to advance as a technology and companies are much more aware of its importance. But it's still early days!

Our first product was a cloud-based deep learning platform that would make it easier for people to experiment with deep learning. After having thousands of people try our platform, we learned something: every use-case is different and there's a much greater need for know-how. In late 2015, we decided to get out of the cloud business entirely and focus on what our customers were asking for: providing more hands-on assistance.

We work with several types of customer:

Data science teams: Typically these will be teams of 5-50 engineers that have expertise in certain areas of data science, but not deep learning. Knowledge transfer is frequently a goal of these engagements.

Engineering teams: In this scenario, there will be an existing engineering team, but a general lack of machine learning expertise. In these cases, we are frequently working directly with the engineering team in an arrangement where we are building the API of a machine learning system they can integrate with. We allow them to focus on doing what they do well rather than try to learn an entirely new discipline.

Business units: In these cases, we are brought in to help develop a proof of concept for a business unit. Typically the stakeholders will be non-technical and the goals may be quite "high level". We are good at getting to the heart of an issue and helping to discover creative solutions to highly complex problems.

Contact us to discuss ways we can help your company more effectively utilize deep learning to achieve business and engineering objectives.


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Ersatz Labs is a team of web developers and machine learning researchers dedicated to providing the best machine learning team on the planet. While data science may be hard, we think we can make it easier.
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